Women’s Life Group business meeting tonight, 5:00.
We are doing another Trunk or Treat children’s fun night this year, October 26. Trunk or treat is decorating your car’s trunk or pick up bed with any theme you like    and/or a game/contest for the children to play—then handing out treats as the children come by your trunk. There is a sign up sheet on our bulletin board for those who want to decorate a trunk. For everyone else, we have a box in our foyer to donate candy/treats.
This is for grade school children, and we will start at 6:00 that Wednesday night. See Amy Fisher with any questions.
Sons of Thunder men’s ministry will meet at Cathedral Baptist in Jonesboro, October 25. Supper will begin at 6:00, worship at 7:00. Our bus will leave our church around 5:30 for anyone who wants a ride.
Our chili cookoff is Sunday night, October 30. There are categories for different kinds of chili (hot, mild, deer, etc) but ultimately 3 top winners will be chosen and each will receive an expensive prize. There are no sign up sheets, if you want to enter your chili in the contest, have it in our gym kitchen by 5:00 that night. We will need 3 judges, see Bro Joey if you would like to help judge chili
Nursery workers for next Sunday: Sherry Russell and Pam Tippitt