Immediate help needed: Sherry Russell is no longer able to be in charge of feeding our Wednesday night children’s ministry due to helping care for her mother. We need someone to take over this ministry ASAP, see our pastor for details if you are interested.
Sons of Thunder will meet this Tuesday night at the Fisher St United Methodist church in Jonesboro. Supper will begin at 6:00, worship at 7:00. Our church bus will leave our church around 5:30 for anyone who wants a ride.
This is Spring Break week, our small groups will not be meeting this Wednesday night.  We will be waxing our gym floor so our gym will not be available all week
The flyer in your bulletin is for you to use to invite others to our Easter service next Sunday. You are encouraged to especially think of those who do not attend church at all. There are extra flyers on our entry table.
Our church is hosting our community Easter sunrise service this year, 6:30am  Easter Sunday morning.  Rev Bobby Brooks will be preaching
Women’s retreat: There are flyers on our entry table for a women’s retreat April 15-16. Space is limited so see Cindy Moye or Stacy Toddy ASAP!
If you are upgrading computers and would like to donate your old one to our church, we could use one to record our services. See Matt Fisher
The McCormick Baptist church has a flyer on our bulletin board with information about a new Christian school. 
David Adams, #1230 St Francis Rehab hospital in Memphis

Nursery workers for next Sunday: Pam Tippitt and Sherry Russell