Ladies’ Life Group will meet this Saturday, 9:00, in our youth room to continue The Armor of God series
Our community Merge weekend (Disciple Now) will be  January 27-29 (Fri-Sun) Merge is our community outreach to teenagers—teaching and discipling them in a more      concentrated way. 
We need: 1) At least 2 host homes for the teens to stay at for the weekend. 2) At least 2 group leaders who will be teaching them along the way. 3) At least 1 bus driver.  4) People who will give money to support the finances of this ministry. 
If you will help in any way, see Bro Joey Rupard.
Darrel will be preaching at a leadership conference in Juarez MX the 1st weekend in February. Our goal is to take 800 pounds of rice along for the people there. A 25 lb bag of rice is $10,  if you will help with this ministry, give your money for however many bags of rice you want to buy to Fuji Lowery and he will buy all the rice at the same time.
We have a 2017 calendar hanging in our secretary’s office. If you and/or your group have plans this year involving our facilities and church schedule, be sure to mark that on the calendar.
If weather causes us to change any of our church schedules we can let you know by 1) Email, see Cliff Hopper to be added to our contact list