Florida Relief:

Charles Richardson, pastor at Hitts Chapel GB church in Piggott, is filling a trailer of hurricane relief items for people in Florida. He will leave for Benita Springs, FL when the trailer is full, maybe this week? They can use almost anything you can imagine, that is non perishable. Please leave anything you want to donate in our youth room kitchen, the door to our youth room will be unlocked all day, every day this week.

Reminder to our Wednesday night adult group that this is the 3rd Wednesday night.

See You At The Pole student prayer event will be Wednesday, September 27 at the Trumann high school and intermediate school flag poles at 7:00am. Adults who want to support the students can gather at the   property where Healing Hands church used to meet, across from the high school; and the Methodist church across from the intermediate school.

Nursery workers for next Sunday: Bailye Moye &

DeAnna Ballard