We somehow missed our 5th Sunday fellowship in    January (it is not our pastor’s fault!) so we will make that up next Sunday night, 5:00,  potluck in our gym.
Arkansas Association meets Saturday, March 4 at Woods Chapel GB church. Our association now starts at 10:00. Our presbytery will meet after lunch. 
Sons of Thunder men’s ministry will be meeting at our church Thursday, March 16. Most of the help we will need is preparing the food. If you will help in any way, see Tony Byrd. Alan McClung, our fire department chaplain will be speaking.
Ministry help needed in our church:
1) A substitute for Rusty & Theresa in our youth room kitchen on Wednesday nights, preparing the Wednesday night meal for our teenagers. Only needed for the unexpected times the Jones’ can’t be here. See Theresa if you will help.
2) We could use another person in the rotation for operating our projector/computer during our Sunday worship services. See Matt Fisher if you are interested.