Church council meeting next Sunday night, 4:00,  to work on 2017 ministry calendar.
Sons of Thunder men’s ministry will meet Thursday, February 16, at Walnut St Baptist church in Jonesboro. Supper will be at 6:00, worship at 7:00. Our bus will leave our church around 5:30 for anyone who wants a ride. Note: our church will be hosting Sons of Thunder in March.
Our church family gave very generously last week to a destitute family in the Agua Viva General Baptist church in Juarez, Mex. Matt Fisher will have an update for us this morning in our worship service. If there are anymore specific needs,  he can order those online to be shipped to our missionaries in El Paso, TX.
Also: while Darrel is in Juarez, see Bro Joey Rupard if a need arises.