Pot luck fellowship tonight in our gym , 5:00
Communion next Sunday morning. Message:                 Meeting With Jesus, Matthew 18:20
Wednesday night worker’s appreciation supper is Wednesday, June 7 in our gym. Supper will be available starting at 5:00 for all Wednesday workers and their  families.
Next Ladies Life Group meeting will be after our      Sunday evening worship on June 11.
Maker Fun Factory
Bible School, June 23-24, all grade school children
~Registration forms are on the VBS table in our entry. Fill out the form and feed it to the robot
~If you will help by donating or loaning some things, there are some supply sheets on the VBS bulletin board. Take a sheet/list, give or  donate the items by taking them to room #14 by June 4.
David Adams is in 3231 NEA hospital
Bill Evans will be receiving a pace maker Tuesday
Nursery workers for next Sunday: Amy Fisher and
Renae Dudley