July 15, 2018

Reminder to our Wednesday night adult group that this is the 3rd Wednesday night.      

Youth camp is July 23-27. We need:                                                       

1) One more dorm dad, one or two more dorm moms—see Daniel Miller or Theresa Jones                           

2) Kitchen workers for Tuesday, see Cliff Hopper for specifics.                                                                                        

3) Packaged snacks for campers during the day. Snacks that handle heat well is helpful (not a lot of chocolate) and large containers of Gatorade mix.  There is a box in our sanctuary foyer for the snacks.                        

4) Sponsors who will help with the $50 camp fee for some of our campers who can’t afford it—see Lynda Sadler

4 of our men volunteer to haul food from Wal Mart to our Trumann Food Pantry the first week of each month. Rick Atkins needs to step down from this job to help care for his mother. We need a man to take Rick’s spot and team up with C.A. Jones. It will be working Monday and Friday mornings, the first week of every other month. See C.A. if you will help.

We are in the process of using a new worship program, Media Shout, on a new computer. While everyone involved is learning this new program, it’s a good time to ask for new volunteers to help with the computer during our worship services. If you are interested, see Matt Fisher for details.