Morning Worship 02-07-2016

What is important to you?

Message: The Acts of the Holy Spirit thru the apostles

Text: Acts 28:24-31

Some believe, some will not

Some will not: 

There is no true foundation of hope for you, in this life or in the life/death to come. No other religion or non-religion on earth has any kind of     allowance or true remedy for sin, our ultimate problem. All others are man reaching up to God, only Christianity is God reaching down to man—Jesus!

In Jesus, there's a bridge to cross the great divide.

In Jesus, there's a cross to bridge the great divide.

I Believe:

 More than a mental assent to who Jesus is, but a receiving of the Holy Spirit thru who Jesus is and what He finished on the cross. A complete   repentance—a complete change of heart and soul that completely saves your soul, in this life and in the life to come.