Responding to what God has done for you.

Message: The gospel according to Luke

Text: Luke 8:1-3

~Preaching the glad tidings is proclaiming the good news (gospel) This is the point of everything. This is why FGBC is here.  Proclaiming is telling, not asking. In a way, faith is contagious.

~Ministry of presence. 12 apostles, 3 women, and many more.  Why did Mary Magdalene get to be the first person to see Jesus after His resurrection?

Note: there is no record in the gospels of any woman being opposed to Jesus. Women mentioned in the gospels are usually receiving or giving help.

~Jesus has done something great in the life of every person mentioned in this text. But they are not trying to pay Jesus back for what He has done, they are responding to what He has done for them.

Does God need help proclaiming the gospel? The best thing you can do for yourself is respond to what Jesus has done for you.