A New Phase of Ministry

Message: The gospel according to Luke

Text: Luke 9:1-9

A new phase of ministry

Jesus – Luke 8:1

Paul – Acts 9:5-6, 18-26 (25-26)

Christian Believer

Disciple  Follower/Learner   

Minister Servant

What does “ready” mean? When will you be ready, when will you feel ready?

Ravi Zacharias, "There was a woman who wanted to know how she could rid herself of her miseries.  She was told to go from door to door and when she found a home where there were no worries, to ask there for a morsel of grain.  She returned a long while later saying she had not found a single home that fit that description.  In fact, she had become so involved in hearing of the heartache of others that she had forgotten her own."