Message: The gospel according to Luke

Text: Luke 12:13-21

Popular bumper sticker, “He who finishes with the most toys wins”  Wins what?

Covetousness, “wanting and/or wanting to accumulate things…and more things.”

One held it because he wanted it. The other wanted it because he could not hold it.

“take your ease…” Tend to the garden God has given you until God tells you to quit.

“many years…” Things as insurance.

“this night…” If God provides you with time, He will provide for the time. Time is more precious than any thing.

I, my, mine – 11

God – 0

Jason Boyett,  "We work more hours to make more money.  We make more money to buy more stuff.  We buy more stuff to make our leisure time more enjoyable.  Then we sacrifice that free time in order to work more."