How much of your life are you holding back from God?

Message: The gospel according to Luke
Text: Luke 4:14-19
~Nazareth is the town Jesus was raised in, Galilee is similar to what we would call the “state” He was raised in.
~The synagogue was introduced into Jewish life during their captivity in Babylon—but is not mentioned in the Old Testament. It was began as a place of worship when going to the temple in Jerusalem was    impractical or impossible. The synagogue is very similar to our local church. All that was required was 10 people to start one.
~The Bible (Old Testament) teaching in the synagogue was very different from  anything a Jew would hear in their culture.
~Exegesis is the verse by verse explanation of the Bible. (The Law, The Prophets, The Writings) In His spiritual life, Jesus was faithful and consistent. Without regular worship attendance, prayer, and Bible reading—you will not see real   spiritual growth Rom 8:29  If you are faithful and consistent in spiritual disciplines—you will grow.
~Vs 18-19 is not just about them or them and the is about you!