Faith that matter what!

Message: The gospel according to Luke

Text: Luke 8:4-15 (6, 13))

Parable of the Seed & Soils—

Unresponsive; Impulsive;

Preoccupied; Responsive

Observations/notes: _____________

The Word brings—Emotion

The emotion of joy/enthusiasm is a great by product of receiving the Word, but a lasting relationship with Jesus must be based on deeper things.  Emotions are too transitory to trust them too much.  (Love)

The Word in deeper soil—Endures

Temptation/testing/trouble/trial.      Thin, superficial soil won’t survive  without rain every few days, but it won’t rain every few days. A deeper       heart/soul/mind moves beyond emotion into endurance.

What is the sign of genuine, lasting faith? If it can endure testing.

Faith that matter what!