Satanic Oppression

Message: The gospel according to Luke

Text: Luke 8:26-39

Satanic possession and oppression

John 10:10 the devil can’t create life so he wants to blight/destroy what God has created

Demoniac: 1) Isolated himself from society and society isolated  itself from him. Refused any human control or limits. 2) Now under satanic control, no longer in control of himself. 3) Fascinated with death, not life. Has given up on life. 4) Continually restless, never happy or content. 5) Wants to harm himself. Hates himself and everyone else. 6) Feels like he’s losing his mind...and he is.

If Satan is not allowed to physically kill you, he wants you to live as though you are dead. Satan loves death, Jesus creates life. Satan loves tombs, Jesus leaves them ASAP!

The demoniac met Jesus, MK 5:6